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Condition: Very Good

Condition Description: DVD conditions range from good to very good.

4 Film Favorites: Lethal Weapon (DVD) (A), 4 Film Favorites: Lethal Weapon (DVD) (B), Action: 4 Movie Collection (DVD), A Mighty Heart (HD DVD), Apollo 13 (HD DVD), Backdraft (HD DVD), Bad Boys II (DVD), Bad Boys II [With Slip Cover] (DVD), Batman Begins [Widescreen Edition] (DVD), Batman [1989 Release, 1997 Snap Case] (DVD), Beethoven’s 5th (DVD), Black Hawk Down (DVD), Blood and Bone (DVD), Blood Sport ECW: The Most Violent Matches (DVD), Brawl: In Cell Block 99 [Disc Only] (DVD), Casino [2-Disc Anniversary Edition] (DVD), Chappelle’s Show [Season One Uncensored] (DVD), Chappelle’s Show [Season 2 Uncensored] (DVD), Charlotte’s Web [E.B. White’s Timeless Classic] (D, Days of Thunder [Widescreen Collection] (DVD), Dexter: The First Season (DVD), Dexter: The Second Season (DVD), Dexter: The Third (DVD), Dodgeball Unrated (DVD), Employee of the Month [Widescreen] (DVD), Escape from Hell [Special Edition] (DVD), Fangs of the Living Dead / Night of the... (DVD), Future War (DVD), Gamer (DVD), Geisters: Fractions of the Earth Vol 1 (DVD), GoodFellas (HD DVD)